Fun Diving

Mystic Divers is located between Belles House Reef and Maite Sanctuary, which is one of the most popular dive spots on the Island and just a few fin kicks away from the shore.        

Diving in Siquijor offers you Muck, Deep, Wall, Night, Drift and Macro Diving. Little Caves, healthy corals in pristine conditions and an amazing marine life is waiting for you.

The Night Dives here are really amazing. So much life’s going on and endless animals to discover. AND YOU DON’T NEED TO BE AN ADVANCE DIVER TO JOIN!

Have a look at our Gallery to get an idea what to expect in Siquijors water!

Shore Dive (the same day)PHP
1 Dive1’400
2 Dives2’700
3 Dives3’900
Night Dive1’900
Boat Dive (the same day)PHP
2 Dives3’200
3 Dives4’600

All prices are in PHP and are including sanctuary fees, gear, computer, fruit and water / tea or coffee. No additional cost applied.
Payment can be done in cash or paypal.

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