Open Water

This is your first level of a certified diver and the most popular course. A typical schedule could look like this:
Theory in the morning at the dive shop. Everything from the theory book will be explained to you in person. In the afternoon, we practice the first skills in confined water (pool-alike condition). If you still have enough air in your tank, we go for the first small dive around the coral gardens.
The next two days are followed by two dives each where you improve your skills and practice some additional ones. At least one of the two days you’ll spend on a local Bangka boat to get to some new dive sites. The first day you are going to a max depth of 12 meters and the last day to 18 meters. During the three days you will finish your knowledge reviews on self study. A written exam with multiple choice will then finalize your course.

If you decide to do the elearning (online study), you will have a short review with our instructors before starting with the practical part.

Time: 3 Days
Price: 19’500 pesos

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